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The X.bike platform was created with your business in mind. Our software is a tool to unlock the opportunities of smart bikes and realise your vision. X.bike is packed with features to drive revenue, provide overview, and improve your efficiency.

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Public bike share

Smart bikes for anyone and anywhere

Back-to-many bike sharing with GPS zones instead of docking stations. Up to six bikes per user, multiple bike types, and flexible payment options. Create an account on the fly and start riding.

Business and campus bike share

Free bikes use for your guests, employees, or students

Offer free bike share to a closed user base for business estates, industrial areas, or education campuses. Dynamically update the user base with HRMS, and PMS integrations.

Bike rental

Easy and autonomous

Increase your efficiency and user experience of your commercial bike rental operation with automated reservations, flexible fee structures and multiple autonomous locations. Our future integration with the industry leading bike rental software will enable booking, payment up front, logistics, bike maintenance, and affiliate booking features.


Fast, reliable and smooth

Level-up your delivery business with X.bike. Shorten delivery times, monitor bike use, automatic fleet management, and share bikes without key management.

Exceptionally original plans might not fit these categories, but we are confident we can make it work. Get in contact


We built the software, up to you to build the business

Reinventing the wheel is not the most rewarding or profitable project to take on. We spend years developing the most reliable bike share software platform in the world, so you can start building your business today.


Complete package

Custom smartphone apps

We make it yours

X.bike is a white label software platform. The X.bike app can be modified to use your brand colours. The native apps are built specifically for the iOS and Android operating systems to ensure optimal performance and effortless Bluetooth and GPS connections.

Modern cloud and admin

Everything in one place

X.bike runs on a modern cloud backend, accessible through an easy-to-use admin portal. Help out your customers, get a quick overview or explore the detailed exports to create reports and fine tune your business.

Secure AxA smart lock

Quick, secure and reliable

X.bike was built for the industry leading smart lock by Dutch bike lock manufacturer AxA. The AxA E-RL smart lock is controlled via Bluetooth connection with the user's smartphone.

Customer support chat

Direct line of communication

Direct contact with your customers using the app itself. Our apps feature in-app chat support, powered by Freshchat and Freshdesk customer support software. Offload work to chat bots, provide FAQ and answers inside the chat window, and create tickets for your team.

Flexible integrations

Hook up to your existing systems

X.bike continually expands its integration options. TOMP API integration with Mobility As A Service platforms for public bike share providers. CYCLERENT integration for bike rental businesses. HRMS and PMS for businesses and hotels.
Business case

Smart Business Bike

Many businesses in The Netherlands struggle with accessibility. Ranging from lack of parking space in densely populated areas to limited public transport in industrial areas. Smart Business Bike runs on X.bike software to provide small-scale bike share solutions for businesses. Employees pick up a bike at a public transport stop or parking lot and get to the office in no time.

Read the Smart Business Bike project case

Pricing strategy

Fee or pricing strategy are an integral part of your business plan and might be an important unique selling point. Your pricing strategy is influenced by many factors unique to your situation. The customisation of your X.bike app version includes a custom pricing algorithm. Specific to your business.

Learn more about bike share price strategies

Payment Options

X.bike supports all common international payment methods. The payment functionality is provided by Mollie.

The Mollie dashboard shows all transactions and handles refunds.

Read more about Mollie features

Customer Support

Customer support is an important driver of customer satisfaction. Your users can contact you directly using the in-app chat service. Your customer support staff use the FreshChat admin to answer questions or assist whenever necessary. The FreshChat interface provides useful information about the user's device, operating system and other specifics.

Any issues that can't be solved directly, can be added as a ticket in FreshDesk. This way you never loose track of the issues that need to be addressed.

Learn more about customer support with FreshChat

Analytics and reporting

Events and data from your database is exported and backed-up regularly. Use powerful analytics tools to assess your daily operations and improve business activities and efficiency. Update your team and stakeholders with live dashboards or automated reports.

Learn more about improving your business with data
unlock your business opportunities

Features that drive success

Unlock smart bike business potential with powerful features for maximum revenue and easy-of-use.
Industry leading smart lock

AxA E-RL 2 smart lock with reliable mechanical locking mechanism which guarantees 3-5 year battery life.

Up to six bikes per user

Your customers can limit sign up hassle by using up to six bikes on one phone. Ideal for groups of friends, colleagues or families.

Multiple bike types

Offer up to 10 bike types in your app. This could include e-bikes, kids bikes, tandems, you name it.

GPS parking spots

No need for expensive docking stations or permanent parking spot locations. Quick setup, move when necessary, add parking spots where demand is high.

Pricing options

Decide what pricing structure suits your target audience and demographic. Including pay-as-you-go, fixed-fee, subscription and promotions.

Bluetooth beacons

Use Bluetooth beacons for parking spot locations with poor GPS connectivity, like underground parkings or high rise areas.

Broken bike reporting

Ask users to report any defects to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Flexible payment options

Set up multiple payment options via the Mollie direct payments admin.

Mechanic app

Your mechanics and operations personnel can open and close any bike for maintenance or logistics.

Cloud admin

Control everything in a modern admin interface with live fleet status.

Database query

Create reports or find detailed specifics in the extensive data exports.

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