E-RL Bluetooth

Open your bikes simple and safe with an app

Nowadays, most consumers will carry a smart phone, so why not use this phone as the key credential to your rental or bike sharing bike.

No keys

By means of Bluetooth Low Energy the lock A is paired to the phone of the consumer B and the lock can be opened or closed easily without the hassle of keys.


Authorization to open is given via your own reservation system C with use of the top of the line secured key-encryption of the AXA’s key server Key Safe Cloud D. To ensure proper and secure locking of the bike, the locking procedure always needs to be done manually.

For ease of use during stop-park-go’s the AXA E-RL BLE2 offers a quick release button on the bike which will give you the option to lock down the bike without using the app.

The Axa E-RL lock works both online and offline because of the BLE connection between the lock and the users phone. Since the lock only uses low energy technology this device will last for 3-5 years on one battery charge. If the battery is running towards the end of its lifespan you can simply replace it for another cycle of a few years.

Plug In Cable

The lock optionally comes with an additional chain lock to secure the bike to any object available. The lock can detect whether the chain lock is being used or not. In some cases the chains can be attached to a docking station. Users have to secure the bike with the chain lock to the docking or parking station in order to end their rental.

Go to https://www.axa-in.com/e-rental for more information