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The smartest invention since the bike

Unlock the versatility and power of smart bikes for your business. Start now with your personalised version of the X.bike white label app, industry leading smart lock and modern cloud admin.

Business case

The Student Hotel

Discover how we set up hundreds of smart bikes for The Student Hotel, parked in underground storage spaces, without GPS or internet connection.

Read The Student Hotel project case

Complete package

Custom smartphone apps

We make it yours

X.bike is a white label software platform. The X.bike app can be modified to use your brand colours. The native apps are built specifically for the iOS and Android operating systems to ensure optimal performance and effortless Bluetooth and GPS connections.

Modern cloud and admin

Everything in one place

X.bike runs on a modern cloud backend, accessible through an easy-to-use admin portal. Help out your customers, get a quick overview or explore the detailed exports to create reports and fine tune your business.

Secure AxA smart lock

Quick, secure and reliable

X.bike was built for the industry leading smart lock by Dutch bike lock manufacturer AxA. The AxA E-RL smart lock is controlled via Bluetooth connection with the user's smartphone.

Customer support chat

Direct line of communication

Direct contact with your customers using the app itself. Our apps feature in-app chat support, powered by Freshchat and Freshdesk customer support software. Offload work to chat bots, provide FAQ and answers inside the chat window, and create tickets for your team.

Flexible integrations

Hook up to your existing systems

X.bike continually expands its integration options. TOMP API integration with Mobility As A Service platforms for public bike share providers. CYCLERENT integration for bike rental businesses. HRMS and PMS for businesses and hotels.
Business Case


Thousands of deliveries all over Europe rely on effortless locking and unlocking while the food is getting cold. No pressure.

Read our Thuisbezorgd project case
White label clients

Apps running on X.bike

X.bike has been up and running for years. Handling thousands of rides every day through our customers' apps.

Bluetooth lock

AXA E-RL smart lock

With the AXA E-RL smart lock, you can turn any bike into a smart-bike. The lock can be locked and unlocked via secure Bluetooth connection. By using our device, you ensure an easy and secure solution for your users, so you can focus on your business.

Customer experience

User features

X.bike apps can be used and understood by anyone, including my mom.
Up to six bikes per user

Rent bikes for a group of friends, colleagues or family from a single phone and account.

Multiple bike types

Users can choose up to 10 different bike types inside your app. Prioritise the two most popular bike types with direct buttons.

GPS parking spots

GPS location dictates the actions available to the user. End a ride at parking spot coordinates, pause a ride anywhere else.

Simple 4-digit bike IDs

Easy bike selection by typing a 4-digit ID.

Easy reservation flow

Users can make sure they don't miss out by making a reservation in advance.

Flexible payment setup

Easy setup for all international payment methods.

Broken bike reporting

Optionally enable user reporting of bikes in need of repair.

In-app chat support

Effortless contact with customer support inside the app.

Business case

Bikeshare Maastricht

A large regional public transport operator in Maastricht commissioned X.bike to set up a public bikeshare system with 250 bikes distributed across 25 parking spots.

Read the Bikeshare Maastricht project case
unlock your business opportunities

Features that drive success

Unlock smart bike business potential with powerful features for maximum revenue and easy-of-use.
Industry leading smart lock

AxA E-RL 2 smart lock with reliable mechanical locking mechanism which guarantees 3-5 year battery life.

Up to six bikes per user

Your customers can limit sign up hassle by using up to six bikes on one phone. Ideal for groups of friends, colleagues or families.

Multiple bike types

Offer up to 10 bike types in your app. This could include e-bikes, kids bikes, tandems, you name it.

GPS parking spots

No need for expensive docking stations or permanent parking spot locations. Quick setup, move when necessary, add parking spots where demand is high.

Pricing options

Decide what pricing structure suits your target audience and demographic. Including pay-as-you-go, fixed-fee, subscription and promotions.

Bluetooth beacons

Use Bluetooth beacons for parking spot locations with poor GPS connectivity, like underground parkings or high rise areas.

Broken bike reporting

Ask users to report any defects to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Flexible payment options

Set up multiple payment options via the Mollie direct payments admin.

Mechanic app

Your mechanics and operations personnel can open and close any bike for maintenance or logistics.

Cloud admin

Control everything in a modern admin interface with live fleet status.

Database query

Create reports or find detailed specifics in the extensive data exports.

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