The Social Hub

The Social Hub is more than just a hotel, it's a hub where young people come together to live, work and vacation in a full-service hospitality concept.

The Social Hub

Cycling is an important part of their concept, with each location offering bicycles for guests to explore the cities in Europe where TSH is located. With their own TSH Bike app, guests of The Social Hub can incorporate cycling into their stay 24/7. With over 1,500 bicycles across 15 locations in 6 countries, an average of more than 15,000 rental rides are conducted unmanned through the TSH Bike App each month.

Special Features:

Bluetooth Beacons

Similar to many other hotels, TSH's bicycles are stored in an underground bike storage facility. This poses challenges in terms of GPS signals as there may be no signal when the bike storage is deep underground.

To solve these problems, we have installed various Bluetooth beacons in the underground bike storage facilities that are compatible with the X.Bike platform, providing Bluetooth coverage throughout the entire space. This allows us to detect if a guest is in the bike storage area by having their app detect the Bluetooth beacon in the shed.

Bike Hospital

Since the bicycles are heavily used, it is necessary to have a solid system for pro active maintenance of the bike fleet. Therefore, each TSH bike storage facility has a "bike hospital," a place where broken bikes or bikes that need a quick check-up before hitting the road again are stored.

After each ride, the app asks the guest if the bike is in good condition or if it needs maintenance. If the bike requires service, it is automatically taken out of service, and the mechanic receives a service ticket. The app kindly asks the guest to park the broken bike at the designated bike hospital.

Testimonial from Joost van Beek, Global Operations Manager:

"Since we started using X.Bike to digitalize our bike fleet, our bike service within TSH has reached the level we expect: modern, playful, efficient and reliable. The bikes are in better condition since we can detect and resolve defects through the app and user feedback. This helps our employees focus on their coretasks of running the hotel!"

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