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Ease-of-use and user experience are the main drivers that create customer satisfaction, referrals and returning buyers. In other words, this app is the reason your business will thrive.

Read on to explore the details of the user experience.

Onboarding and Sign Up

Thanks your flawless marketing strategy and sales team, users can't wait to download your app and start riding. However, if you run a public bike share business, your users might want to have a look before committing and signing up to yet another service.

Users can download your app, find a parking spot nearby, check availability, or plan their destination. When comfortable, they simply sign up in seconds using their email address, Google account, or Apple account.

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Find a spot and stake your claim

Parking spots & reservations

Parking spots are shown as markers on the map. The number on a marker shows the total number of bikes available. Parking spot address and description help users locate the bikes.

Based on the user's distance to the parking spot, one of two options are shown: 'Reserve Bike' or 'Select Bike'.

Users can reserve up to six bikes to guarantee availability when arriving at the parking spot.

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GPS parking spots parking spots are not physical locations. A parking spot is a specified radius around a GPS coordinate, also known as a geofence. The behaviour of the app is decided based on the user's GPS location: inside or outside a parkings spot's geofence.

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4-digit bike ID

Bike selection

At a parking spot, users can choose what bike they would like to ride. A user can select any bike by typing the four-digit Bike ID on the ID plate. The app checks availability as soon as the fourth digit is typed.

If the bike is available for use, the information and pricing details are displayed and the 'Select & Unlock Bike' button is enabled. Tapping this button starts the ride and takes the user to the Ride screen.

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On the road


All active rides are shown on the ride screen tabs. Each tab shows the ride information and instructions. The action of the main button depends on the user's GPS location and status of the ride.

Users can ride and lock the bike anywhere. Doing so will pause the ride. To resume their ride, users simply return to their bike and tap 'Unlock & Resume Ride'

To end a ride, users return to any parking spot on the map. When the phone detects the parking spot geofence, the 'Lock & End Ride' button is shown.

Parking spots can also be configured as back-to-one parking spot, which forces the users to return the bike at the same parking spot.

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Straight forward
The user's position in the user-flow and GPS location dictates what options are shown. This limits the choices to be made, making use a breeze.
Customer experience

User features apps can be used and understood by anyone, including my mom.
Up to six bikes per user

Rent bikes for a group of friends, colleagues or family from a single phone and account.

Multiple bike types

Users can choose up to 10 different bike types inside your app. Prioritise the two most popular bike types with direct buttons.

GPS parking spots

GPS location dictates the actions available to the user. End a ride at parking spot coordinates, pause a ride anywhere else.

Simple 4-digit bike IDs

Easy bike selection by typing a 4-digit ID.

Easy reservation flow

Users can make sure they don't miss out by making a reservation in advance.

Flexible payment setup

Easy setup for all international payment methods.

Broken bike reporting

Optionally enable user reporting of bikes in need of repair.

In-app chat support

Effortless contact with customer support inside the app.

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