X.bike smart bike software

Operational features

Give your employees all the tools to run daily operations.

Operational features

Cloud admin


Everything in one place

You always know where every bike is with the dashboard map. All your paused bikes and parking spots in one map.


Your pool in one overview

View and search a list of all bikes in your pool. Show a bike's last known location by tapping the Location icon, or change the bike's parking spot. change bike status

Parking spots


Create new parking spots, change location or geofence size, add parking spot image, add beacon ID, see bikes parked at the parking spot, back-to-one option.


Direct line of communication

The rides page lists all active and ended rides, including parking spots, timestamps, location information, and the option to end specific rides. The ride detail page shows all events that were logged during the ride.


Hook up to your existing systems

The user detail page shows all available information about the user. Including subscriptions, bike and an overview of all recent rides and events of these rides.

Detailed reports

Monitor and streamline your operation based on real-time online reports. The contents of the report will be customised by our data specialist to fit your business and KPI's. Additional real-time reports can be created for customers, stakeholder, or service partners.

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Streamline your operation

Daily tasks made simple

Reduce operational costs and headaches by running a smooth operation.
Cloud admin

Control everything in a modern admin interface with live fleet status.

Parking spot management

Fine tune a parking spot's details, description, configuration and geofence.

Bike specifics

Track a bike's movements and easily locate it for maintenance or pickup.

Mechanic app

Your mechanics and operations personnel can open and close any bike for maintenance or logistics.

User history

See a user's details and ride history in the admin.

Ride history

Control everything in a modern admin interface with live fleet status.

Detailed logs

Detailed logs for every ride, user and bike.

In-app chat service

Easily communicate with your customers.

Service tickets

Create tickets for maintenance, pickups and other operational activities.

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